General class test passed!

Whoo-hoo! I passed the General class Amateur Radio test (29 out of 35). Now all I need is a better radio than my current 2m handheld. I’m hoping to pickup at least a 10m or multi-band, even a broken one, in the next few weeks and actually get back on the air.

Also took the Extra class exam cold. Scored 28 out of 50, which isn’t bad, I guess, considering I haven’t even looked at most of the Extra stuff.

Ubuntu 11.04 without Unity

Unity is an interesting development, but it’s very distracting to me so I wanted to disable it. However, quite a few instructions I found weren’t terribly clear. Basically, you need to login to Ubuntu after specifying to use Ubuntu Classic. If you are already logged in, simply log out. Once the user prompt is shown, click on the user name and then look at the bottom of the screen. The login type will be shown as Ubuntu. Click on it and then change to Ubuntu Classic. Now login normally and you’ll get the window manager layout that you are used to.