TRS-80 Stuff

A couple of very nice lots from Louisville this evening. First, a doctor/gentleman that was downsizing and decided to give up his TRS-80 Model III with various peripherals and software. Includes an SPSS (statistical package clone which he swears could solve a t value in no more than 5 minutes or so), along with printer and various software. He was also kind enough to include a trunk of various software and an external floppy drive, in addition to the 2 installed drives. No time yet to power up the system and confirm memory, graphics, etc., but the machine was single owner and purchased for his dissertation.

Another batch of items included (2) TRS CoCo 2’s and a TRS CoCo 3 (unexpectedly). I’ve been looking for a 3 for quite a while so was definitely pleased with all of this hardware. There were 3 Radio Shack tape units, at least 3 or 4 disk drives, and various other hardware and software.

I look forward to unboxing and playing with all of these items and will post more details as they become available.