Acer C710 ChromeBook with Xubuntu 15.10

Looks like the previous methods to install Xubuntu on the C710 do not properly activate the touchpad. The cyapa module name has changed but doesn’t seem to be the main culprit. There appears to be a more significant change in the modules being loaded (specifically, cyapatp, i2c_i801, and chromeos_laptop) that are causing issues. I have tried a number of combinations of blacklist.conf entries and modules entries and have been unable to get the touchpad to load automagically. However, it works as soon as one or more of the above modules are insmod’ed. I hope to eventually figure out what has to be done, although under most cases it doesn’t really matter to me as I have a bluetooth mouse being used most of the time anyway.

Edit: Successful, but not exactly what I expected. The /etc/modules file doesn’t seem to do anything; I haven’t had time to research as this is all I ever used it for in the past. However, use sudo nano /etc/rc.local (or your favorite text editor) and add the following lines just before exit 0.

# C710 modules for trackpad

modprobe i2c-i801

modprobe chromeos_laptop.

Hopefully, this will solve the problem for you; seems to work fine on my system.