A Comedy of Errors

So, Engineering company A decides they are smarter than PLC supplier B. Supplier B, of course, is smarter than A and fully understands that whack-jobs from B don’t know what they’re doing.

Using the best logic possible for network layout in an industrial system, we’ll go ahead and with as the network. We’ll also assign a couple of VLANs manually, but not so they can actually be resolved properly.

Engineering company B and Automation Equipment A supplier now agree that this is the best layout possible. Of course, these companies hate one another and do not actually speak, so the reality is that the systems are completely opposed. Also, they are completely opposed. Oh, I mentioned that already?

So, the best possible layout for any industrial network is to setup as your network. Now, go ahead and layout the network such that it does the greatest things ever.

Pretty sure that greatest things ever is somehow a misnomer.