Acer C7 C710 with Xubuntu 13.10

Just a brief note that I did a fresh install with Ubuntu 13.10, allowing updates as I went. The Intel video driver now seems to be active as I can install and run glxgears with a reported frame rate of 304. Previously, since the driver wasn’t fully available I wasn’t able to do any GL stuff at all.

For anyone that might be interested, this is a fantastic little notebook that has sufficient power to run a Windows 7 virtual machine in VirtualBox and still maintain decent playback quality on video or YouTube. I use it for classes on a daily basis as well as my normal daily uses and haven’t experienced any problems.

Edit: One other issue that you might find is that the volume control applet doesn’t work. If so, try installing indicator-sound-gtk2. If that works, you’ll probably have to reinstall it occasionally until Xubuntu includes it.

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