Mac OS X Paragon ExtFS Serious Crash

While attempting to copy files from my Linux Ext4 partition (separate drive) into Mac OS X (10.10), Paragon’s ExtFS really screwed the pooch. The system reset at some point with the result that the drive would boot but not load properly (I was attempting to copy files from my Linux drive to my MacBook via external USB connection). As it turns out, booting in recovery mode allowed me to FSCK the drive, but not automagically. I had to use a root shell and then manually run fsck to recover the drive. There were several files that weren’t cleaned up as well as a couple of corrupted inodes and an invalid number of free blocks (probably from the other corruption). Thanks to Paragon, I’m completely over using the MacBook now, as well as any product branded with their name. I like Linux better anyway, so no big loss, but I did have some stuff that would have done better on the MacBook.

As Dogbert would say, “meh” (with dismissive hand-wave).

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