Corporate Entities with Personal Rights

Some corporate entities are now permitted rights normally associated with persons. As an immediate example, a corporate entity is permitted to control its employee and customer rights relating to religion, gender identity, etc. What was the cost to buy those rights? Most of us (corporate and person) are subject to the law of the land and are not permitted to discriminate against those of opposing religions, identity, or any one of a number of categories. However, certain corporations now have the right to discriminate against customers and employees that do not fit their desired demographic. If you’re gay, atheist (or of the wrong religion), etc., you have no right to your personal rights but are subject to their interpretation. Bigot or not, they are now permitted to act as a private citizen in relation to your rights. They can discriminate against you without fear of reprisal, they can fire you or refuse service, lodging, housing, etc., based solely on whether they agree with your outlook or lifestyle. Ultimately, we will suffer at their hands and the hands of the Supreme Court, based solely on the fact that we don’t agree. The intelligence (or lack thereof) behind their arguments doesn’t matter, we will simply be forced to conform or suffer the consequences.

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