LaserDisc Player Pioneer CLD-D503

Finally bought a LaserDisc player this weekend along with the first 3 Star Wars (Wide Screen). Also picked up a few LDs from Goodwill in Austin through their online sales. So far, the quality might not be as good as other modern media but it’s a joy to watch movies with the artifacts and imperfections that you often see in analog vs. digital. Unfortunately, the player didn’t have an original Pioneer remote control, but I found a cheap GE 8 unit universal remote that includes codes for several LD player brands, including Pioneer, that seems to work (code #0222 if it’s a CL3 variant). It won’t turn the player on, but other functionality is good enough to play, pause, and stop, which is really all I care about at this point. It can also do some chapter searching but I haven’t played with it much more.

Currently watching Vertigo. I haven’t seen it before, so it’s actually pretty nice watching it on a clean media. Very little deterioration of the disc considering it’s over 30 years old.

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