PowerFlex 755 CIP Motion Group

If you have a PowerFlex 755 defined in a Motion Connection within a Motion Group on ControlLogix and are getting an error code 16#0010, in particular check that your Safe Torque Off card (possibly other safety cards) are in Slot 6 on the PowerFlex. There are several other restrictions and requirements on slot assignments and use so see Rockwell’s KnowledgeBase if you have questions about what’s allowed and what’s required. Search for powerflex 755 cip motion slots and that will help narrow it to the correct topic. Note, your mileage may vary, this is not an official Rockwell statement, just something I’ve gotten burned by on 2 separate occasions now. Recommend that when you are changing drives, take photos (or notes) about wiring and also the particular slots. Many of these modules can be installed in multiple ways, but only 1 specific layout will actually work.

PowerFlex 7000 Series PanelView Plus 1000 v 6 Fatal Error FE

If your PowerFlex 7000 series Rockwell drive has a PanelView Plus 1000 v 6 (2711P-T10C4A9) that is giving a Fatal FE error when booting, you can try the following. Note that this PanelView is now obsolete and you’ll need to contact Rockwell for the correct replacement as there is supposedly a special firmware loaded into these PanelViews that make them specific to PowerFlex 7000 use. Also, the programming is not stored on the SD card in the PanelView but is instead on an Ethernet card located near the main control boards in the black section of the drive. The SD card in question is a molded gray and contains the application that the PanelView loads on booting. The PanelView is not critical to the operation of the drive.

0: Attach USB keyboard to either PanelView USB port

1: Press and release RESET on back of PanelView

2: Immediately press and hold DEFAULT on back of PanelView

3: Once boot menu appears you can release DEFAULT

4: Press down arrow on keyboard to select boot options

5: Press right arrow on keyboard to select boot option that includes “Safe Mode”

6: Press up arrow on keyboard to select Boot with Selected Options and then press ENTER key

7: Assuming it works, you should see the normal drive graphics. You can now disconnect the USB keyboard

NOTE: This was determined by trial and error and I don’t guarantee your results will match mine. Given supply chain issues, this might help limp along. You will probably have to do this after any power cycle or reboot as I have been unable to get the PanelView in question to boot normally since initial failure.